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  • December 21, 2017

We heard some gossip questioning our existence. It may have come as a series of questions; but being us, we believe the answer requires a wider audience. Rather than do a one on one, a blog post is a more effective way to convey our relevance.

Coming back to the question though, let’s face it:

The world is evolving everyday; where online shopping isn’t just the need of the hour; it is increasingly becoming a necessity on many counts, if not a fad of the time. And, why not?

  • You can buy whatever you like from anywhere at any time.
  • Save on transport cost of going to a store.
  • Save on precious time of going to a store.
  • Get things delivered to your door step, instead.

Obviously, the pros are too good to ignore.

But, let’s not fake it, when it comes to the internet, there are many players out there. The World Wide Web is a vast ocean, with big sharks and less krill. At least that’s what the analogy says about having too much competition.

So why would anyone want to buy from a newbie website like ours?

Okay sure, the scrawny lines on our projections chart show that the online industry in India itself is worth 100 million dollars by the end of this year. Let’s not forget to take into account the time it saves. And what’s the new word for ‘time’ nowadays? Ahh yes, MONEY. The time you save finding things offline – physically hunting for them in stores – equals to the money you can spend online.

Yet, why still choose us?

Because even though the internet comes with a large plethora of market places – with their large stocks, inventories and categories – finding the right product at the right time is close to impossible. And of course, there is the matter of urgency, created by a whirlwind of trends.

What is trending right now is inevitably our necessity. We don’t just merely want it. WE INEXCUSABLY NEED IT.

And with trends literally changing every few days, if not hours, can we afford to buy the latest things every damn time?

That’s why Deal On Screen exists. We are a one stop platform that doesn’t only house a number of international and domestic brands all under one roof; but we do so at the best price possible. Oh yeah, and as for what is latest in fashion; we even have in house stylists who foresee and pre pick what is trending, specially for you. That’s right. It’s not only clothes that fall in and out of season, it’s electronics, beauty, appliances, home décor and more!

Not only do we give you the best things at the best price, but also – the best part – at the best time! When it’s in season, in full bloom.

And we haven’t even gotten to our favorite part yet. What really takes the cake is our exclusivity. You thought dishwashers are only available in the US? Or your favorite cosmetic brand? Everything you ever wanted, that is TOO exclusive to be easily available, IS made available by Deal On Screen. Hell yeah! We expose it all. Be it indigenous domestic brands or large international brands, we uncover them all. The harder you thought it is to find, the more exclusive your deal gets.

While there are many fish in the sea, there aren’t many quite like ours.

Like our dear Sean Parker in the Social Network says ‘When you go fishing you can catch a lot of fish, or you can catch one big fish’. Not fourteen trout, we are talking about a three thousand pound Marlin.

You can either visit a lot of smaller websites OR just come to one big one that houses all those smaller websites. Because we are that three thousand pound Marlin.

Caught fresh off the coast.

And you know, you wanna taste it.



The Deal On Screen Crew


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