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  • December 4, 2017

Oh hello there!

Was that you looking for an update?
Lurking around for the best deals online?

Getting us to dish out on the dirt? The good, the bad and the unbelievable!
Because that’s exactly what you get here.

Dedicated entirely to the world of uncensored DEALS, secret affiliations, hot selling trends and the latest crazy sh*t is what the DEAL ON SCREEN blog is all about!
So put on your funkiest reading glasses, because this is a rollercoaster ride you are going to enjoy!

Right from ‘why shopping online is the newest craze’, to ‘the weekly deals you can’t miss out on’, this blog covers all!

Offering you a plethora of international and domestic brands; uncovering a number of exclusive products – everything you ever wanted, that you thought was too farfetched or impossible to get is made available by Deal On Screen! And that too at discount deals you cannot imagine!

Top that up with our in house stylists who hand picks that stuff for you, and share trending tips – you can now fulfill all those shopping cravings you had in just a few simple clicks!

Talk about saving both time and money! And getting the complete lowdown right into your inbox – this is why we love shopping online.
This why we love DOS!

That’s right.
It’s official, it’s awesome!
A little bit of irony mixed with a lot of sarcasm; apart from exclusive discount deals, expect to find unparalleled success stories of upcoming brands, the best online shopping offers, trending deals, money saving tales and oh,  the juiciest grapevine gossip!

Completely hilarious, yet utterly informative and relatable to the hilt – this is one newsletter you’re going to look forward to.
Hey, everyone says blogs are funny, no one says they can’t be entertaining.

Welcome to our blog and enjoy the ride!


The Deal On Screen Crew


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