Terms of Use


Being an online platform, Deal On Screen offers a plethora of product deals from international or domestic affiliated websites, for users or visitors to discover and buy these deals based on their preference and taste.

In order to use the services of Deal On Screen, we comply you to agree to our terms of use.

We govern the use of the website: www.dealonscreen.com and web application: xxx and all the content present on both these platforms.

As users we encourage you to review our website and services as we update our Terms of Use periodically.


Registration is mandatory for those who wish to use our services and/or induct themselves in the affiliate program available on Deal On Screen.

To register you must:

  1. Be above the age of 18 years.
  2. Provide us with your email id, user name and password
  3. Or, login via Facebook.
  4. Wait for our approval of your registration. If we come across a false or fraudulent registration, we have the right to reject any registration at our sole discretion.

Once your application for registration is received, your account will be created, inducting you to the services such as Wishlist, Notifications, Custom Feed and your personal User Page.

To avoid any fraudulent or false activities, each user is limited to creating a single account only. Creating multiple accounts under the same information may result in disabling all the related accounts.

Each account is personal and cannot be transferred. You are also responsible for all the activities under your account. In case of suspicious or unauthorized activity, a notification should be sent to our trusted Deal On Screen team asap.  Also, in the future, we cannot be held responsible or accountable for any unauthorized activities conducted under your user name.

Those who are just visitors on Deal on Screen need not register.

Affiliate Program

By enabling an Affiliate Program, we allow our users to earn money through an ‘affiliate’ commission.  For this registration is mandatory as you will require to create your own USER PAGE.

How it works:

  1. Create your own user page through registration.
  2. View our affiliated websites and their products in various categories.
  3. Based on your likes, choices and experience in what will appeal to the demographic, pin those products to your user page.
  4. A notification will be sent out to our user base, notifying them of your pinned suggestions.
  5. If someone purchases something you pinned, you get paid a commission on that purchase.

Link to Third Party Site

Being a platform that holds many different sites, we do contain links of such third party sites, better known as the ‘affiliated sites’. The links of these sites are provided for your reference and for the final purchase of the selected deal. We are not responsible for any of the content, quality or information published on these affiliated sites.

While we do not participate in the promotion of any one site, we however, have the power to terminate a link to any site at our own discretion.

Keep in mind, while being a part of the affiliate program, as an individual you aren’t allowed to upload links of your own either. Any self promotion is not allowed on our site.

Product Listings, Endorsements and Transactions (Our responsibility to our users and visitors)

While we provide a platform that makes visible those products listed on affiliated websites, we cannot be held responsible or liable for a particular a product’s quality, functionality, standards or licenses according to the specifications provided by the affiliated website. The users or visitors acknowledge that they themselves have to verify the product’s details before purchase.

We do not endorse any one product in particular, however, based on your preferences, categories, Wishlists and choices, we do provide recommendations.

As our website only provides a link between the products listed by affiliated websites, and the large visitor base, in no circumstance do we participate in the transaction of that product. At the time of purchase, the product is purchased directly from the website of that affiliated brand.

Your Responsibility (Visitor’s, User’s and Customers Responsibility)

The content available on this website or webapp is strictly Deal On Screen Copyright. The information provided is to convey the Services and Products we provide; and it is for this purpose only that our information can be used. Any unauthorized or commercial use of our information will result in terminating your account with us.

As a user, you are responsible in taking correct precautions necessary to protect your computer systems from virus and worms or any harmful content.

Actions such as the display of adult services or pornography are strictly prohibited, along with the use of profanity and abuse. Bullying or harassment of other visitors or users is not tolerated, and for either of these charges, we have the right to terminate your account.

Your Deal On Screen account cannot not be used to conduct illegal activities or used for unlawful purposes. Deal On Screen accounts cannot be bought or sold.

Deal On Screen Copyright

All the written material, information and taglines etc found on our website are all a part of the Deal On Screen copyright. While we respect the copyrights of other websites, we urge you to respect our intellectual property rights too. However, if you see or believe any information mentioned on our website as an infringement or violation of your copyright, we urge you to notify our team immediately. Rest assured, we will take all the corrective measures necessary to restore the copyright of your website to you.

That said, we are also authorized to disable any links or accounts that participate in the infringement of copyrights from our or any other website.

Service Availability

While we do our best to keep our website and webapp’s services full functional at all times, we cannot always guarantee it. During necessary periods of up gradation and maintenance, our services may be temporarily unavailable.


Visitors or Users can leave reviews for deals purchased via our website or webapp. This can be done in the form of comments or ratings of or within 5 stars. Please adhere that such reviews should be given on the basis of moral and honest opinions. The language used for reviews should be direct and honest, without interjections of profanity, offensive, misleading or hate terms.

We own the rights to the reviews submitted on our website about products listed from our affiliated websites.  In case of misleading or suspicious reviews please notify our trusted Deal On Screen team asap.