Sell Online Like a Pro?

Did we just hear you yell in excitement?
We aren’t fibbing, it’s real, it’s legit!
At the prospect of making extra bank – yeah, we’d be excited too!
And no need for a marketing degree or years of sales experience; selling on Deal On Screen is as easy as it can get!
All you need is a good eye, an account with us and a little spare time.

Good to go?

Let’s jump right in:

  • Begin with registering with Deal On Screen, to create your personalized account and page. Once this is done, we will give you access to our entire list of affiliated websites.
  • Here’s the time consuming part, but hey! No pain, no gain. Go through these websites, specially their product categories to familiarize yourself with everything we promote.
  • Now’s the time for your eyes to take over. From the wide range of products we promote, based on your choices, your tastes and mainly what you think will appeal to everyone, select those products to save to your personalized page.
  • Once your personal page is flooded with goodies of your choice, inevitably, now it’s time to spread the word! Linked to various social media platforms, share your choices, your products – and of course a link of your personalized page with your friends, family and the world!
  • Soon your selected products will start appearing in the news feed of other members, users, customers – suffice to say, avid Deal On Screen buyers!
  • The minute someone buys something off your saved products, you’ll earn a commission, we’ll earn a commission and the source station will earn the rest!

Easy enough?

It takes two to tango! We give you the customer base; you show them your choice and that’s all it really is!

You still have some questions? It’s natural if you would.
These are the common ones asked :

  1. How does Deal On Screen know if a particular saved product that got sold was sold through MY publicizing efforts?
    • Don’t worry, we will know. With our highly advanced installed trackers, we can track which traffic comes from which direction and how’s it’s been directed to your page. That said, the minute the traffic translates to purchases, you get a commission.
  2. How do I get paid for the money I make through DEAL ON SCREEN?
    • That’s easy. For every commission you make, you will be rewarded with points. Once you accumulate those points on your Deal On Screen account, those points transform into money that is credited into your Deal On Screen Wallet. This wallet can be linked to your personal account to transfer the amount, OR you can sustain it in your DOS wallet itself for future DOS purchases.

If you still have a question that hasn’t fallen into our ‘common questions asked’ category then hit us up at, and we’ll be happy to answer them, the best we can!

Here’s a bit of fine print you should keep in mind.

  • While we trust you with our affiliated websites, we expect that when you publicize about the products you save, you publicize them through Deal On Screen and not the source station directly.
  • Being, two partners in crime, also, please don’t use your Deal On Screen account to promote illegal or personal items.
  • Also, no catfights, swearing or misconduct.

Because like we mentioned earlier, with our skilled trackers, we will know.