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DOS – Privacy Policy

We, D4bp technologies Pvt. Ltd a private limited company incorporated under the Indian companies act, 1956, having its registered office at F-1/5, Okhla Industrial Area Phase – 1, New Delhi, Pocket F, Okhla I, Okhla Industria Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110020, India, are the creators of this Privacy Policy, to provide you with a consistent and steady commitment in ensuring the privacy of the invaluable information you provide us. This Privacy Policy contains information about our website (Desktop website, Browser Add-on and Mobile Website) and Mobile Application (Web App, Mobile App).

For any concerns regarded our Privacy Policy, feel free to mail us at

That said, here comes the remaining inevitable fine print. We’ve categorized it, not just to simplify it for you, but by God, for us too! So here it goes:

1. Definitions

  1. This one’s bare basic; it means every time we use phrases of ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’, we mean Deal On Screen, that is US, the creators of this extremely intricate Privacy Policy.
  2. Every time a phrase of ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Yourself’ or ‘User’ comes up, it means YOU, our loyal and consistent customers.
  3. When we say ‘Affiliate Website’, we mean those websites, which are linked, listed or ‘affiliated’ with ours. Sometimes we may also call them ‘third party websites’.
  4. ‘Application’, ‘Web Application’ or ‘Mobile Application’ refers to our mobile app. Duh! But we still have to mention it.
  5. Lastly, ‘Personal Information’ refers to the vital info we collect from you at the time of registration. Don’t worry, we are going to elaborate on it, you’ll just have to read 4 clauses down.

2. Overview

In brief,
In order to be able to fully be able use the services of your website, you will need to register with us, which includes sharing vital information such as:

  1. A valid picture of you for your profile image
  2. Contact details and address – Phone, Email, and Residence Address
  3. Personal information – Name, Date of Birth etc.
  4. You can also register with us through your social media accounts.

While we do respect and understand your information, and your need to want it protected, rest assured on our behalf, we will!

3. Information Collected

In a more detailed approach; we require to obtain the following info from you:

  1. Like I mentioned before, your personal info, such as your name, birthday, age etc
  2. Your contact info, residing address, email address, contact details, social media links.
  3. Additionally, but not limited to, the IP address of your computer when you are logged in or connected to the internet.
  4. Access to your web browsing activity, in order to understand your choices, tastes and preferences. This will further enable us to notify you during price drops, discounts or deals and show you advertisements of relevant product or service deals.
  5. Your computers screen resolution and RAM capacity.
  6. Access to your other phone applications such as Calender, Contacts, Camera etc in order to better the functionality of our mobile app.

4. Cookies

Our data collection device is known as ‘Cookies’, which are small files located in your mobile or computer’s hard disk, that enable us in providing you with customized services, at different stages while you are using our website or app.

The ‘cookie’ helps us understand your choices and preferences better based on the number of times you have used our website or app, the items you normally save, in order to customize our services to suit your interests. Thus, certain features can only be unlocked only through the use of ‘cookies’, weather you have registered with us or not.

However, the final call of weather you want us to use the ‘cookie’ feature or not, is up to you. That’s right, you can disable it anytime, but keep in mind, that by doing so, you will not be able to use the full potential of the services provided by us.

Last, and the reassuring one; these ‘cookies’ in no circumstance give us any access to your computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

5. External Links of the Affiliated Websites on our Website or Mobile App

Based on our concept and purpose of uncovering all the websites we possibly can, we do include coded links of affiliated websites on our website. Now, if these websites contain hyperlinks or advertisements that take you to other websites or mobile apps, we cannot be held responsible for this. Also, we are not responsible for the personal information you provide to these websites. Furthermore, in a case of loss or damage incurred by you through these external websites, we cannot be held accountable for it. Pertaining to their privacy policies, we suggest you read theirs too before divulging and sensitive, personal or important information.

As for the websites affiliated to ours, we stand responsible for their links.

6. Use of your Information

Here we are! More reassuring facts about what we do with the info you provide us!

Okay, here’s how it works; the information you provide us with during registration is only used when we require to contact or notify you. It is maintained for our internal record and thus is transmitted very securely.
The only time your information will be shared with is when:

  1. We have to comply with a court order in case of illegal activities, prevention of imminent physical harm or financial loss. This will mainly be shared in order to carry out an investigation or take action against those who have committed fraud or violated our policies.
  2. We may also share your information in a case where there has been copyright infringement, intellectual property infringement or any other unlawful activity.
  3. In a case where we merge with another company. Keeping your good faith and loyalty in mind, rest assured this information will transferred securely, with ample amount of prior notifications provided to you. Once this done, do note that you will then be subjected to their privacy policy.

7. Confidentiality

While we have made all the promises of securing your information, unless in the cases listed above, where we will have to divulge it; we expect the same confidentiality agreement about OUR information from you. That is any information on our website or mobile app that we deem confidential cannot be disclosed by you without any prior notice and our consent.
Rest assured your information on our hands will never be misused, sold or shared.
Any communication or correspondence that takes place between us will also be done in accordance with our Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

8. Disclosure of your Information

Here’s a bit of honestly on our behalf.

In this dog eats dog environment, where competition is at its peak, while we do our best to secure your information to keep it private, we cannot always ensure it. Through unlawful processes and interjections such as hacking and fraud, alien websites may get a hold of your personal info. Although, we take all the necessary precautions to prevent this, should it occur, we will do our best to bring you justice!
However, in a case of a conflict or court order, we will be forced to disclose your personal information.

The other places in which your information will be voluntarily disclosed are:

  1. To our Affiliated Websites and Parent Company: In order to enhance your experience on our website and web app, we have to share your relevant information. These affiliated websites will treat your personal information with as much care as we do. As for our parent company, we will need for our internal functionalities such as billing and categorizing. Also, like we mentioned before, your information will shared in case of a merger.
  2. To our External Service Providers: In many cases there are a number of external service providers that help you use our application better. Should you choose to use these optional external services, your personal information will inevitably be shared to them. Thus, the use of your information is then governed by their privacy policy.
  3. For Law and Justice: In the case of unlawful activities such as copyright infringement, violating intellectual property rights, misuse, misdemeanor, fraud, selling of illegal items, buying or selling of accounts, etc, at our sole discretion we may choose to divulge your information to our affiliated websites and law enforcers.

Lastly, any information that you make publically visible through your account, can be viewed by any potential customer, user or website owner. Thus, it is through your voluntary actions and consent that such information is displayed. In a case where this information is misused, we cannot be held responsible.

9. Your Profile

Remember, when you create your profile, it is never the final thing. You can always review it and edit it. If you feel any of your information saved by us is incorrect, we encourage you to write to us in order to rectify it immediately.
However, although we correct your information on our servers, files of your prior information will still be sustained on our hard disks and data bases based on our company policies, for ‘back up’ or possible ‘law enforcement’ purposes.

10. Your Password

At the time of your registration, you will be asked to create a password that secures your personal information. As you are responsible for protecting your own password, we suggest you choose one carefully that can easily be remembered. Therefore, in a case where you lose your password, the imminent step would be to change it as you can lose substantial control over your account. Also, if you suspect any unauthorized activity or use of your account, you must notify is immediately.
You are solely responsible for any loss of damages occurring in a case where you disclose your password to an alien or third party website.

11. Security

Any information provided to us is treated as an asset and with utmost care. Therefore at many different stages we have employed and undertaken various security techniques, to protect your information from unauthorized access or hacks. To do this, we have employed many experts inside and out Deal On Screen. However, as there is no ‘perfect security’ within the internet, we cannot completely ensure it. Hence, any breaches of break ins that occur within our website, despite our prevention measures, cannot hold us responsible. It is at your risk and sole discretion to divulge this information to us at the time of registrations.

12. Indemnity

In case of a dispute with affiliated websites, you agree to indemnify us where the disclosure or divulgence of your personal information is concerned through the website or web app. However, we cannot be held responsible for any information that you disclose to them directly.

13. Severability

Each paragraph with this Privacy Policy shall maintain autonomous important, except when considering the agreement in its entirety. Thus, if any one or two paragraphs are declared null or void, it has no bearing on the remaining paragraphs of this policy.

14. Amendment

As our company evolves so does our Privacy Policy, therefore it may be subjected to change from time to time. For any changes we make, it will either be reflected on our home page, or you will be personally notified of it via email.

15. Disclaimer

Although we have consistently promised no disclosure of your personal information, due to the multiple reasons listed above, we cannot always guarantee it. As a user or customer of our website, not only have we made you aware of the possible risks that are involved in registering with our website, but also the internet in general. Therefore, you assume full responsibility of your personal information at the time of registration and even afterwards, in terms of online and offline conduct.

16. Browser Add On

The Browser Add On, also known as Browser Extension is a small software program that you can install to modify and enhance the functionality of your browser. By adding the Deal On Screen Extension to your browser, you can undergo a more personalized experience, such as price comparisons, exclusive deals, view trending products, price drop alerts, larger discounts etc.
However, you have to keep in mind that browser extensions access all your browsing activity – which websites you visit, which tabs you open etc.
In order to enhance your user experience, it would capture your email address to send mails regarding relevant deals and information. It will also capture your screen resolution, RAM capacity along with your geographic location, to notify you of available products and services in your vicinity.
All the data captured via a Browser Add On is transmitted with care and precaution.