About Us

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘necessity never made a good bargain’.
But what if you could get a good bargain on necessities? That’s what Deal on Screen offers you.

Deal on Screen is a one stop platform that brings you both international and domestic products at a Deal price. That is, we make available all those brands you thought were so farfetched and impossible to get, in just a few simple clicks!

Oh, but there is MORE!

With a team of in house stylists who pre pick what is already trending from our multiple affiliated international and domestic brands, Deal on Screen, gives you the best of the best!

Imagine saving all those countless hours, trying to find what was trending on that Vogue cover, or what your uber cool neighbor has newly installed? Turns out, it’s not just clothes that fall in and out of season, it’s everything!

And we have people who hand picks that stuff for YOU!
Saving you time in searching for those top trends, and saving money in paying the top buck for those top trends! Bridging the gap between spending too much time and too much money, Deal on Screen helps you save it all!

Sounds too good right?
Even we think so.
But hey! That’s what a good DEAL is!